Hopkins Lake, Pacific Crest Trail, Washington


-Orion (web): The Place Where You Live: Conserve School, Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin” November 2017

-The Rumpus (“Albums of Our Lives” feature)-“Matt Jones and the Reconstruction: Deep Enders, Darkness, and Civil War Ballads“-Summer 2015

Pank-Detroit: An Index” -Summer 2014

Prick of the Spindle-“A Complicated Love Letter”-March 2014

the museum of americana (Midwest-themed issued) Meandering“-February 2014

-Pithead Chapel-Humanities 557: A Twenty-Something Survey Course“-February 2014

-Orion (web)-The Place Where You Live: “Holden Village, WA“-November 2013

-The Nervous Breakdown-For Auld Lang Syne”-January 2013

-Wake: Great Lakes Thought and Culture“Crossings” *(Pushcart Prize Nominated essay)*-May 2012         

-Writing in Public-“The Birwood Wall”-January 2012

-The Collagist-The Birwood Wall“-December 2011

-Redivider-“Unsent”-Spring 2011

-Ozone Park-“Conservation”-Spring 2011

-KNOCK-“Public Displays of Affection”-Winter 2011

-Creative Nonfiction-“Why I Run”-Fall 2010

-Flyway: A Journal of Writing and Environment-“A Brief Natural History”-Spring 2010

Holden Village Voice and Holden Voices:

Holden Voices: High School Graduation” by Rachael Button, June 4, 2013

Holden Voices: The First Day of School” by Rachael Button, September 6, 2013

Holden Voices: A Seven Year Plan” by Rachael Button, September 25, 2013

Holden Voices: “Fear and Reverence” by Rachael Button, February 4, 2014


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