Holden Village School (photo by Julie Button)

Summary: Teacher, writer, and place-based educator with experience teaching elementary, middle school, high school, and college students in public school, private school, non-traditional, outdoor, and residential settings.

Relevant Experience:

Crystal Creek Citizen-Artist in ResidenceSummer 2018

The Loft: Teaching ArtistSummer 2018

Conserve School: Teaching Fellow in Environmental Stewardship-August 2017-June 2017

Rising Tide Community Market: Marketing and Outreach Coordinator-November 2015-March 2017

  • Created the co-op’s first brand guide, marketing and outreach budget, and marketing plan.
  • Managed Rising Tide’s media presence, which included: writing press releases, maintaining the website, Facebook and Instagram; writing and designing weekly Mailchimp e-mail blasts, editing and designing the quarterly newsletter, & designing advertisements
  • Compiled and designed the co-op’s Annual Report
  • Managed the co-op’s donation program
  • Coordinated community cooking classes and co-op outreach events
  • Served as a delegate on the Lincoln County Food Security Council

Unity College: Adjunct Professor-August 2015-January 2015

  • Taught Science 230/IC 2223: Environmental Issues and Insights and Communication 312/Communication 3123: New Media. 
  • Developed web-based content for Unity College’s Online Education Partnership with Thomas College.

Juniper Hill School for Place-Based Education: Instructor in the Roots Classrooms-August 2014-June 2015

  • Helped develop and implement integrated curriculum focused on ecology and community in Maine’s first “place-based” elementary school.

Lake Chelan Public Schools: Instructor at Holden School: August 2012-June 2014

  • Taught elementary and middle school science, 6th grade language arts, 6th grade social studies, high school environmental literature, and 1st through 12th grade physical education.
  • Facilitated writing workshops, art classes, and educational hikes.
  • Coached cross country.
  • Managed school library.

Holden Village Education Coordinator: August 2013-June 2014                                  

  • Acted as a liaison between Holden School and Holden Village.  Organized outreach events.
  • Scheduled and recruited volunteers.
  • Worked with parents of both school-aged and pre-school aged students to coordinate education, sports, and recreation.  

YMCA Camp Seymour Outdoor Education Center: Naturalist: August 2011-June 2012

  • Taught 4th-6th grade students wildlife ecology, forest ecology, marine science, ornithology, sustainability, and squid dissection.
  • Facilitated night hikes and low ropes initiatives.
  • Implemented creative programming, including an environmental writing course.

Iowa State University: Course Developer: November 2009-May 2011

  • Developed an experimental environmental pilot section of English 250 – Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition titled Speaking in Place: The Environmental Language of the Here and Now for implementation by MFA Student-Faculty

Iowa State University: Instructor: September 2008-May 2011

  • Taught English 150 – Critical Thinking and Communication; English 250 – Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition; and English 207 – Introduction to Creative Writing (break-out section leader and guest-lecturer)

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum: Educator: Summer 2009

  • Gave tours, answered questions, sold tickets, and told stories about lighthouses, shipwrecks and Great Lakes history

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